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Furballs and Fluff, Week 3, Day 1. Ages 6-9, Fully Booked

The price for a one day program is $70 per child. The event includes a Natureland T-shirt, a Natureland Passport Booklet, and a free child entry pass for future use. If one day just isn't enough you can book a second day for $60 and a third day is only $50 (Note: t-shirt only applies to the first day's enrolment).

Please bring a packed lunch, the Emergency Contact Information, and read the Health and Safety Forms! 

 Enrolment:  Maximum of 6 children per session (minimums also apply).

Target Age: 6­-9 years olds


Please note that the below form is sent to our visitor experiences manager, who will respond to your booking within 48 hours. Please direct any questions regarding the programme to her at

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Name of child

Day 1 : Furballs and fluff 

9:00am Drop off – Welcome, T-shirts, introductions and Name Game

9:15am- 2:45pm: Your little monkeys will spend the day making the daily diets, enrichment, and care for some of the furry animals that live at Natureland. 

They will have an opportunity to learn about why fur looks and feels different on varying species from primates and yaks to bunnies or possums. Why some animals have fur, and others don't, will be explored through games, activities, and hands on interaction. 

3:00pm Wrap-up. Pick-up