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Scales and Nails, Week 3, Day 2, Ages 6-9, Fully Booked

The price for a one day program is $70 per child. The event includes a Natureland T-shirt, a Natureland Passport Booklet, and a free child entry pass for future use. If one day just isn't enough you can book a second day for $60 and a third day is only $50 (Note: t-shirt only applies to the first day's enrolment).

Please bring a packed lunch, water, the Emergency Contact Information, and read the Health and Safety Forms!

Target Age: 6­-9 years olds (but let us know if your child is not in this age range but really keen to get involved).
Please note that the below form is sent to our visitor experiences manager, who will respond to your booking within 48 hours. Please direct any questions regarding the programme to her at
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Day 2 Scales and Nails

9:00am Drop off – Welcome, T-shirts, introductions and Name Game

9:15-2:45: Your little critters will spend the day preparing the diets for our animals that depend on their scales and nails to get around and stay protected. They will get to meet and touch some of the lizards, skinks, hoofed and horned creatures, and learn all about the amazing adaptations that allow these animals to survive and thrive in  their environments. We will talk about what enrichment means to a small insect or invertebrate, or a large mammal, and how welfare of such special creatures is measured. 

3:00pm Wrap-up. Pick-up