Natureland Wildlife Trust is dedicated to environmental preservation and conservation of endangered species through involvement in captive breeding programmes.

Saving wildlife is a team effort, and our staff would like to you to join us as we work to save species. 

Do zoos really help?

No single organization can accomplish wildlife conservation all on its own, but Natureland works with other members of the Zoo and Aquarium Association to achieve great conservation outcomes. Did you know that accredited zoos are the third largest contributors to global conservation projects? Natureland's expertise in animal handling is being turned towards breeding endangered native wildlife for the Nelson Tasman region, and wildlife rehabilitation. 

Natureland Wildlife Trust also shares the vision that zoos offer visitors unique and positive experiences to engage with wildlife. 

How does Natureland Wildlife Trust help?

Breed for release

We are very proud to breed yellow crown kakariki and South Island Kaka as part of a collaboration with Project Janszoon. Soon, you will be able to observe our experts at work monitoring behaviour, breeding, and health onsite at the zoo daily. 

Wildlife Rehabilitation

Natureland Wildlife Trust rehabilitates any injured, orphaned, or weak native wildlife with the goal to return them to their ecosystems. Each individual is given the required veterinary care, assessed for its chances at recover, and rehabilitated until strong enough to survive without assistance. Not all animals are able to recover, unfortunately, and we only release those that are back to fitness and health. 

Supporting other organisations with shared visions

The best kind of conservation is collaboration! We work with Project Janszoon, Brook Waimarama Sanctuary, Kea Conservation Trust, Nelson City Council, Department of Conservation, and other accredited zoos, to build on our expertise and expand our reach. 

We also collaborate with the Ngati Koata on cultural conservation of the tuatara, a special taonga to Ngati Koata. From Ngati Koata we can learn more about our connections with nature and why the preservation of tuatara is about so much more than simply the species' unique biology. 

Our future goals.....

Natureland Wildlife Trust's vision is to be a community based conservation organization. We wish for the public to see our space as a place they can come to learn about wildlife, about the ecosystems found in the Nelson-Tasman region, and to experience conservation for themselves. We hope that our space can be a platform for not only for our work, but also to share with you stories about the work that other people and groups are also doing to save wildlife.